Timber Sales

Redtail Forestry requires all companies to furnish a performance deposit and provide proof of liability insurance before any harvesting begins on our client's property. In addition, an erosion and sedimentation control plan will be developed and enforced by our staff.

We are there from the beginning:

  • We provide a free initial consultation to determine landowner goals and objectives for your woodlands.
  • We accurately locate and mark property boundaries prior to timber harvesting.
  • We perform field work such as marking and tallying of merchantable sawtimber, polewood, etc. for a timber sale prospectus.
  • We solicit sealed bids for your timber and market your forest products to prospective buyers.
  • We work with local and State agencies to comply with all permit requirements and regulations.
  • We lay out all haul roads, skid trails and log landings necessary for the removal of marked timber during harvesting.
  • We inspect the property during and after harvesting to ensure proper logging and harvesting techniques.
  • We supervise harvesting, re-grading, seeding and any additional site retirement efforts.

Professional Consulting Forestry

You deserve the highest monetary value for your years of paying taxes and forest stewardship. Redtail Forestry is committed to getting the best market value for our customer's forest products. We are confident that the sealed competitive bidding process will generate the highest return possible for your timber.


"Dan was very courteous and professional. He addressed my concerns and followed up to make sure that all harvesting was done as per agreement. I recommend Dan Lowenstein, at Redtail Forestry and Wildlife Management, as a reliable, trustworthy, and professional forester."
-Kevin L.
Mifflin County, PA

"We have received comments from people visiting us who said 'that we did a great job in the timbering' because the property still looks like a forest. Again, our hats are off to you for delivering on your promise to keep it looking natural as well as getting us a good price. We enjoyed working with you and in a few years, we will be using your services again."
-Charlie & Debrah B.
Centre County, PA