Who does Redtail Forestry work for?

Redtail Forestry is an independent forestry consulting firm and has no financial or business ties with any other business entity (i.e. a sawmill, logger, etc.). When you select Redtail Forestry to represent you, we work for the landowner's best interests.

Do you charge to visit our property?

No. The initial consultation meeting between you and Redtail Forestry is free of charge.

How do I know if my trees are ready to be harvested?

Based on your objectives, Redtail Forestry will evaluate the condition of your forest to determine if harvesting is warranted.

We were told the timber market is bad and that prices are low. Is this true?

Just like the stock market, prices on certain tree species vary seasonally. As a part of our marketing expertise, we stay in touch and up-to-date with the timber market conditions. Redtail Forestry will advise you about how the current market conditions may affect the bid prices on your forest products.

How long will it take to sell our timber?

We typically grant the awarded bidder 18 months in which to remove forest products and retire (i.e. grass seeding, mulching and re-grading) the timber sale area. This ensures that equipment is only on the property when ground conditions will support it.

What is the smallest property size that Redtail Forestry will manage?

Small tracts are still able to be properly managed but may be limited in feasibility. We have represented landowners with only a couple of acres.

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"Dan was very courteous and professional. He addressed my concerns and followed up to make sure that all harvesting was done as per agreement. I recommend Dan Lowenstein, at Redtail Forestry and Wildlife Management, as a reliable, trustworthy, and professional forester."
-Kevin L.
Mifflin County, PA

"We have received comments from people visiting us who said 'that we did a great job in the timbering' because the property still looks like a forest. Again, our hats are off to you for delivering on your promise to keep it looking natural as well as getting us a good price. We enjoyed working with you and in a few years, we will be using your services again."
-Charlie & Debrah B.
Centre County, PA